Work in Progress 

Reclining Woman

Maxine was inspired by one of her cats who passed away in 2017. This little homage perfectly captures Rani, the cat in question: her haughty elegance, her curiosity, her loving spirit. It's about six inches high. Once finished, Rani will be cast into bronze (and possibly other media) as a tactile piece to hold or display, for other people who have lost a cat or simply love cats. More information to follow. 

This piece's current working title is 'Repose', and aims to capture a relaxed, possibly seductive figure. The reclining woman has been captured in art form many times by many artists, and brings some challenges: how do bring out the undulating shape of a body? Answer, remove details such as the arms, and focus on the overall shape. Repose will be cast into bronze and possibly other media.